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Marti Spiegelman
TEDx: https://

Founder and President Awakening Value™: Technologies of Consciousness

Founder The Awakening Value Dialogues™: Evolving Consciousness for Success

Member Content Evolution™ LLC
  • • Council of Evolutionaries, member
  • • Organizing Principle Practice, co-founder
  • • Visible Value Wave Practice, member

Marti Spiegelman a leadership advisor, executive mentor, and business consultant. Her mission is to bring the primary technologies of ‘precision consciousness’ to business, finance, and governance so we can regain our human genius for collective evolution through thriving. The unique quality of Marti's work is the result of her more than 40 years of business experience woven with her knowledge of science, cutting edge work in graphic communications, and expertise in the workings of individual and collective consciousness.

Marti holds a BA in biochemistry from Harvard University, an MFA in graphic design from the Yale School of Art and Architecture, and has advanced training in neurophysiology, psychology, and anthropology. She was president of her own design firm for 20 years. Since then Marti has been advising and mentoring professionals across a variety of sectors – business, finance, science, education, and others – in unique perception and awareness skills designed to enhance individual consciousness, organizational intelligence, and collective creative action for higher levels of abundance and well-being in the world. She also serves as a Fellow with REX, the Relationship Economy Expedition, founded by Jerry Michalski.

Marti brings her knowledge to the financial world through her course Conscious Trading™, which was initially offered through the Investment Mentoring Institute, where she was trained in finance and trading. Marti was named the 2010 Cambridge Registry Executive Professional of the Year for her work in applying the principles of consciousness to the evolution of business and environmental action, and she was a presenter at TEDx Berkeley 2011. Through her membership at Content Evolution, Marti is developing groundbreaking approaches to raising the level of consciousness in the practice, organization, and evolution of business worldwide.

Marti’s interest in the power of consciousness springs from her scientific background combined with her in-depth study of culture-wide value creation on four different continents. Her insights into how consciousness drives innovation in business, finance, and society are creating new pathways to success and significance for today’s organizations.